KICS Toddlers is our program designed to introduce kids to soccer at a very young age. Our program provides a fun, positive and structured environment, while allowing the parent to be involved with the child’s growth and participation.  With a strong focus on play, fun and making friends, this age specific program has curriculum based around child development. Experienced coaches and parents work together to progress the players’ physical, social and mental skills. The toddlers will experience a fun soccer setting, continuing to learn basic skills that will allow them to grow as a player.

Goal & Values

To create a fun and comfortable environment where coach and parents work together to let toddlers explore and discover all the fun soccer has to offer.            


  • Fun:
    Toddlers want to have fun in their own way. We make the practices fun and friendly to keep the kids coming back for more!
  • Age Appropriate Expectations:
    Knowing how toddlers think and behave is vital to form proper expectations in what they can achieve.  Our games are designed to meet the kids at their level.
  • Consistency:
    From class structure to parent involvement, kids succeed best when coaches and parents provide consistent, positive reinforcement and redirection.

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