Executive Board

Dr. Scott Hanlon

Dr. Scott Hanlon — President

Dr. Scott Hanlon is a family physician and former commissioner of the Chicago Park District. He founded the Near South Soccer Leauge in 2006 which transformed into Chicago KICS in 2014. Through youth sports, Dr. Hanlon endeavors to elevate, integrate and inspire the youth of Chicago and the World to achieve a more peaceful and equitable world.

Tina Feldstein

Tina Feldstein — Foundation Director

Tina Feldstein brings two decades of professional experience in innovative Management, Sales, Marketing, Business and Community Development, Event Planning, Real Estate and Public Relations. Tina has an unparalleled knowledge of Chicago and consistently demonstrates a true passion for driving opportunity.

Matt Miller

Matt Miller — Soccer Director

Matt Miller is a former professional English player. Matt commits his time and dedication to youth players. He brings a wealth of soccer knowledge, experience and leadership to KICS Cup. Matt looks forward to providing opportunity through soccer by advancing the sport in the U.S. and the world for youth players.

Advisory Board

Richard Smith

Richard Smith

Richard has over 35 years of investment experience. He is the Founding Principal and serves as the CEO of SRC Capital Management, LLC. Mr. Smith received both a B.S. and an M.B.A. in Finance from DePaul University.


Blair Bedalow Executive Director

Blair Bedalow — Executive Director

Blair Bedalow has worked with KICS in its operations, program administration, community outreach, event planning and youth program development over several years. She now serves as Executive Director, overseeing fundraising resource development, strategic partner outreach, marketing and program oversight.

Lauren Seesel Program Director

Lauren Seesel — Program Director

Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor — Program Manager & Director of Web Services

Chris Taylor has coached in many of KICS Programs—Soccer For Success, Community League, Chicago Private League, KIS Development Program, Select Academy, futsal, and KICS International Cup. Chris also brings his background of Web Development and Web Design to the team.