“Simple exchanges can break down walls between us, for when people come together and speak to one another and share a common experience, then their common humanity is revealed.”                              

— United States President, Barack Obama

Cultural exchange is a key part of the KICS Foundation mission, as we strongly believe in the importance of teaching kids the VALUE of working for the equality and understanding of all – which is exactly what we aim to do through providing a number of programs for cultural exchange.  Today, KICS offers these opportunities through our International Showcase, International Team Tours and our Soccer for Success At-Risk youth scholarships abroad. As we connect with those of different backgrounds, cultural upbringings and communities than our own, it becomes more and more clear that not only do our differences contribute to a unique and wonderful global society, but that there are often more similarities amongst us than we would expect.

1.     Cultural exchange highlights the beauty of diversity. Although we begin to see our similarities more clearly, this does not mean that our uniqueness falls by the wayside.  Rather, through cultural exchange we are able to celebrate our differences and use the knowledge of one another’s cultures going forward to be effective and engaged members of society.

2.     Cultural exchange also shows the importance of similarities. Despite being surrounded by an endless stream of news media that often perpetuates fear of those different than ourselves, by actually going out, speaking to, and connecting with others we see clearly that we are more similar than different.  We love, laugh, and cry for the same universal human values.

3.     Cultural exchange makes the world a more beautiful, connected place for everyone. If the world could speak one language, that language would be soccer.  KICS fosters soccer as an opportunity to speak to one another to make the world a more peaceful place. By recognizing the intrinsic value that each person holds, we can better understand one another.  If we better understand one another, we can work together for impactful change.