Research has shown that teens who participate in enrichment programs are 61% more likely to get involved in their community, 82% more likely to follow their dreams and goals, 80% less likely to use drugs and alcohol and are 86% less likely to be involved in violent crime.

—   Youth Employment Statistics

KICS Enrichment embraces our VALUE of educating and empowering kids by providing opportunities for youth employment and building a foundation of life skills. We believe in fostering a culture of learning that allows players to experience success in their lives and to encourage leadership in their local and global communities. KICS has already guided over 100 teens and pre-teens through the process of becoming state qualified soccer referees.  Further, KICS hires these referees year-round and pays them an excellent wage.  This is an example of our Teen Work Initiative and the tangible value of learning a new life skill that will continue to offer employment for years to come.  KICS aims to scale our enrichment programming by offering additional employment opportunities and educational programs.  More specifically, offering practical lessons to teens and pre-teens on how to handle money wisely, establishing a solid foundation for doing so when they become adults, focusing on teaching kids how to save money, the importance of giving and much more. 

Below are just a few of the benefits teens experience from employment.

1.     Teen jobs build confidence.  As teens work at a part-time job, they learn just how capable they are, building confidence and self-reliance. This can help teens feel more independent and develop a sense of responsibility as a young adult.

2.     Earning money offers an opportunity for financial education. When teens begin to earn their very own dollars, the real lesson begins. As they earn money and subsequently spend it, kids have the opportunity to learn about responsible money management. Contributing to household expenses or their college fund, creating a budget, and learning just how much things like food and gas cost are all lessons that are possible with a teen’s paycheck.

3.     Teens can build valuable work experience.  Although education is a top priority, it’s even more valuable when paired with a resume full of experience. Students who are able to work during their high school and college years are able to demonstrate this experience and build valuable entries on their resume. This experience also demonstrates that they are able to successfully balance work and education at the same time.

4.     Teens can build connections through part-time work.  Another great way that part-time work benefits a teen’s resume is by developing valuable references and recommendations in the future. These connections may even be able to offer future job opportunities once students are able to work at a higher level.

5.     Work provides a constructive use for free time.  Kids who might otherwise be idle find something good to do in their hours after school. Employers offer a sort of adult supervision for teen workers, giving them a productive activity beyond their school work. Keeping teens busy, instead of idle, is one way to keep them out of trouble during the afternoon and evening.

6.     Teen employment encourages a healthy transition to adulthood.  Holding down a job is an important stepping stone to adulthood. With a job, teens are able to better practice independence and self-reliance. This is especially true for teens coming from a background of poverty, allowing them to find the opportunity to live a better life.