The Chicago KICS Foundation’s mission is to promote sports as an opportunity to build community and empower youth– that is why we do what we do. “The KICS way” is how we do it. The KICS Way is about living our mission and we use sports as our vehicle to help our youth progress and develop at their own pace. KICS identifies seven key principles that assist in developing and engaging with youth and our communities. 

  • Safety First – The KICS Way is doing all that we can to prevent injury and create a safe environment for our youth.
  • Character Development – The KICS Way is understanding cognitive, behavioral, and physical developmental differences for ages 2-18. It is teaching sport, promoting health and fitness, offering enrichment opportunities, and sharing our values (Honesty, Respect, Responsibility, Caring, and Trust) with our youth in age-appropriate settings using relatable curriculum. 
  • The Education Edge – The KICS Way is about instilling the importance of education to ensure the access to knowledge, skills and opportunities for our entire KICS family.
  • Family Involvement – The KICS Way works best if we have our families’ participation. We encourage our families to engage and learn the curriculum and integrate our shared values at home. 
  • Sport For All – The KICS Way is about establishing inclusive environments and embracing diversity. By exposing our entire KICS family to diverse communities and providing opportunities for cultural exchange, we learn to celebrate our differences.
  • Everyone Has A Place To Play – The KICS Way is about encouraging our stakeholders and families to use all available resources to provide facilities and opportunities for our youth to develop, participate, and play. 
  • Fun Competition – The KICS Way is about creating a fun and enjoyable experience for all involved in our programs and making decisions that put the best interests of our youth before winning.